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Issues in Public Relations – The power of PR

March 30, 2010


The power of PR – The Individual Max Clifford has helped to derail a Government, he acts as a protective barrier between front-page headlines and his high profile clients, and on countless occasions he has made untalented individuals household names. I have been looking for a clip of Max Clifford being interviewed by Pat Kenny […]

Issues in Public Relations – Women in PR

March 28, 2010


Women in PR and the power of the old boys club I attended a debate the other week, looking at the role of women in Public Relations. The statement put to the panel was “Women will always work in PR but will never run it.” I feel that one of the most difficult obstacles which […]

Issues in Public Relations – Political PR

March 26, 2010


Political PR has undermined public trust in politicians and is the single biggest threat to our democratic health. “He who wants to persuade should put his trust not in the right argument, but in the right word. The power of sound has always been greater than the power of sense.” —Joseph Conrad, (Lord Jim, 1900. […]

Issues in Public Relations – Social Media – Building an online community

March 26, 2010


There are almost seventy million people in the world who call themselves Irish or are of Irish heritage. The cycle of emigration, which is deep set in the nation’s psyche, has taken hold once more. Between 2008 and 2009 over 100,000 people have left, with the figure expected to increase further this year. Over the […]

Issues in Public Relations – Ethics

March 6, 2010


Q. Can PR ever be ethical? A. That depends on who you ask. I believe the answer is yes. The majority of practitioners go about their business in an ethical manner, however, a minority will always ensure that the question of whether there are any ethics in PR will continue to be asked. “The fact […]

Issues in Public Relations – Crisis Management

February 23, 2010


What crisis? It’s just publicity. Ryanair’s advertising and public statements are often deliberately controversial in order to generate additional free publicity for the airline. In the past CEO, Michael O’Leary, has spoken about proposed measures to reduce overheads further, for example, eliminating two toilets to add six more seats on their aeroplanes, redesigning the seating […]

Issues in Public Relations – Understanding Social Media

February 19, 2010


A look at the key aspects and issues relating to social media. 1. What is social media? Why is it called social media? 2. What are the sociological and cultural concepts behind social media and what is their relevance to PR? 3. How will the agency be using social media? 4. What are the benefits […]