Issues in Public Relations – The power of PR

Posted on March 30, 2010


The power of PR – The Individual

Max Clifford has helped to derail a Government, he acts as a protective barrier between front-page headlines and his high profile clients, and on countless occasions he has made untalented individuals household names.

I have been looking for a clip of Max Clifford being interviewed by Pat Kenny a few years back on the Irish talk show, The Late Late Show, but unfortunately I can’t seem to find it. One statement which the PR guru makes epitomizes everything about him and the powers which he possesses over the media. The interview took place shortly after the David Beckham – Rebecca Loos ‘affair’, and Max was asked how he would have handled the situation had Beckham sought his help before the news broke. In a brash and assured tone he replied by saying that quite simply, we would never have found out about it.

Max Clifford & Rebecca Loos

“Max Clifford is a deeply controversial figure but there can be little doubt that as a man who decides what goes into newspapers and what stays out of newspapers, he is one of the most powerful men in British society today”. (

The Power of PR – The Agency

In the late 1970’s Saatchi and Saatchi was hired by the Conservative party to handle their election campaign. Tim Bell was the firms Managing Director and became Margaret Thatcher’s personal spin-doctor. The agency played a pivotal role in the election, following which Thatcher was named Prime Minister…Maybe David Cameron believes the same can happen to him.

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