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Issues in Public Relations – Crisis Management

February 23, 2010


What crisis? It’s just publicity. Ryanair’s advertising and public statements are often deliberately controversial in order to generate additional free publicity for the airline. In the past CEO, Michael O’Leary, has spoken about proposed measures to reduce overheads further, for example, eliminating two toilets to add six more seats on their aeroplanes, redesigning the seating […]

Issues in Public Relations – Understanding Social Media

February 19, 2010


A look at the key aspects and issues relating to social media. 1. What is social media? Why is it called social media? 2. What are the sociological and cultural concepts behind social media and what is their relevance to PR? 3. How will the agency be using social media? 4. What are the benefits […]

Issues in Public Relations – Corporate Social Responsibility

February 11, 2010


Corporate Social Responsibility – A corporate conscience or simply window dressing? In class this week, we were asked as to whether or not we agreed with the following statement, “Attempts to align companies or brands with good causes are mere window dressing – companies should stick to the business of making money.” Milton Friedman, once […]

Issues in Public Relations – Global PR

February 7, 2010


Global PR – Understand different cultures Gert Hofstede, the influential Dutch psychologist, undertook a study to analyse the implicit differences in national culture (IBM case study 1973/1974). His work provides a framework from which insight is gained into how countries identify themselves and thereby the attitudes its employees bring to the working environment. There has […]

Issues in Public Relations – Social Media

February 7, 2010


The development of Social Media Erik Qualman, the so-called social media expert, has posed the question, “Is Social Media a fad or the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution?” He answers it by saying, “Welcome to the Social Media Revolution.” Qualman has produced a video titled, “Statistics Show Social Media is bigger than you Think.” […]

Issues in Public Relations – Propaganda

February 1, 2010


Tony Blair and the Chilcot Inquiry Just days before the Chilcot Inquiry and media attention is really heating up. The press is questioning whether or not we will finally hear the truth from Tony Blair. Unlikely, but I did read an article in the Evening Standard, written by Sam Leith, who offered his somewhat controversial […]